Asim Shehzad murdered in Siakh Dadyal

Deady Body of Asim Shehzad in Dadyal Hospital

Deady Body of Asim Shehzad in Dadyal Hospital

30 years old Asim Shahzad son of Muhammad Iqbal resident of Siakah found in pool of blood near new city Siakh at 8:00 pm on Thursday. He was shot dead by unknown man who opened fire on legs of Asim Shehzad.

He was left injured and bleeding on road side in New Siakh city, people gathered around him and took him to nearby hospital but due to excessive blood loss he died on the way to hospital.

Dadyal Police arrived and took dead body in their custody for postmortem. Dead body of Asim Shehzad is in Tehsil Headquarter hospital for postmortem. A large number of people including family members and party members gathered outside hospital.

Police has started investigation of murder case and are waiting for postmortem report.

Asim Shehzad was member of Muslim Conference in Dadyal and was active politically. People demanded to arrest the murderer who killed the man in Holy month of Ramadan and just after one hour of Iftaar.

Murder of Asim Shehzad left community in shock. As per initial investigation it might be a political revenge but police has started their investigation to trace the murder. Soon the murderer will be behind bars.

Sudden death of young person left everyone in shock in Dadyal. May Allah Bless his soul and grand him Jannah and give Sabar to his family members. A young life taken out in Holy Month of Ramadan.

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