Cllr Khadam Hussain, Wife Zahida and Children Ordered to pay £1M of Fraud

Khadam Hussain, a Bradford counselor who was a Bradford councilor is already in jail for nine years. He was sentenced for running a sophisticated visa scam. Now. He has been ordered to pay pack £1 million under the Proceeds of crime Act legislation.

It is already established that Khadam Hussain’s assets include property in this country and Dubai. He also has money in bank accounts.

The judged previously describe him as the originator and organizer of the immigration fraud, involving the submission of more than 100 applications supported by a range of fake documentation from solicitors, estate agents and would-be employers.

The prosecution believes that Hussain could have earned upto £175,000 after the conspiracy to defraud Home Office. Hussain on the other hand claimed an earning of £60,000 from his offences.

Hussain, of Box Tree Close, Girlington, Bradford, his 53-year-old wife Zahida and their three sons Adam Ashraf, 36, Gibran Hussain, 26, and 31-year-old Adnan Hussain were all found guilty of the conspiracy to defraud charge at the end of a trial at the city’s crown court back in November 2014.

Another man Numan Shafi, 24 was also convicted of the same offence.

If Hussain does not pay the sum of £1 million, he must meet the confiscation order in the same sum within three months or face a further seven years in jail.

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