Girl Takes off Clothes and sunbathes on the M62 while stranded in traffic Jam

A woman, who was stuck in three-hour traffic jam on the M62, take off clothes and took sunbath in the middle of the traffic. The traffic was halted when a lorry crashed and erupted in flames on the M62.

The Bank Holiday travelers were left stranded as the emergency services approached the scene on the westbound carriageway by the Milnrow junction, near Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

Smoke was seen billowing out of the tanker on the side of the motorway.

The lady, Lily Willets was en-route to Blackpool with her partner Sam Wadsworth when they got stuck in the traffic jam between junction 21 and 22 of the motorway.

Thousands of people were forced to sit in their car and suffer from the soaring temperatures for a number of hours on the westbound carriageway.

But, Lily got out her blanker and started to catch some rays. People were amused by her.

But she was not the only one to take the bath. Another woman Leia Wikinson also followed her.

Another traveler Mark Perry told about the incident by saying that they saw smoke and flames billowing form the tanker and they hope that the driver is alright.

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