New initiative aims to improve security at mosques ahead of Ramadan

A new initiative to help Mosques improve their security ahead of the month of Ramadan has been launched.

‘Mosque Security’ has partnered with the Community Security Trust (CST), a Jewish charity with experience in protecting Synagogues and the Jewish community, as well as the Metropolitan Police Service and the West London Mosque Forum.

Using the expertise of the CST and Metropolitan Police Service, specialised training will be provided on the measures Mosques can take to ensure their congregation’s safety.

The training was delivered at Hayes Muslim Centre to Mosque managers, Imams, trustees and community volunteers.

For the past fifteen years, Faith Associates has been aiming to improve safeguarding, health and safety training and educating Mosques on safety and security issues.

Shaukat Warraich, CEO of Faith Associates said: “The Finsbury Park attack highlighted the potential vulnerability of Mosques and exposed the risks for faith communities and their institutions. The Mosque Security training programme should help our institutions refine their approach to security.

“We brought together partners from the Metropolitan Police and the Jewish Community, the CST, to share knowledge and experience in securing religious intuitions. Everyone’s desire to help, advise and teach was helpful, and the lessons we learnt during these collective sessions will help protect all our communities for years to come.”

David Delew, Chief Executive of CST, said: “Religious communities up and down the country face varying security threats, so we are pleased to work with Faith Associates in their mission to improve Mosque security.

“CST has a long tradition of working with other faiths to improve their security, whether through advice or training, and will continue to do so whenever we can.

“When communities work together we are always stronger, and we are hopeful that this is a positive step towards deeper ties between our communities.”

To complement the training programme and to ensure all Mosques have the right measures in place to be secure, Faith Associates has also launched a new website and the Incident Management Guide.

It will serve as an online resource for Mosques looking to take part in future training, or access the latest security advice from Faith Associates and their partners.

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