Rapist, Ali, 34, told woman , “I’m f***ing you when you’re asleep”

A court was told that a rapist shouted sickening words while he filmed himself having s*x with a woman who was unconscious.

Mohammad Ali, 34,was arrested because of a video found on his victim’s phone, after he attacked her from behind.
The Bristol Crown Court was told that in the footage Ali says “I’m f***ing you when you’re asleep” while raping her. He also captured the video of abusing on his own mobile phone.

He was sentenced to eight years in jail yesterday after he was found guilty of rape.

The jurors during the trial watched a video of the interview the victim had with the police. The victim described the footage of the attack in her interview.

She also told the police that she woke up with sore private parts on one day in November 2016.

The victim, whose name cannot be disclosed for legal reasons, told the police that as she scrolled through her phone she watched a video of herself in which she was laying on her front. She heard Ali saying the abuses and telling her that ‘I’m f-ing you when you’re asleep’

Ali was remanded in custody on February 2 after a jury of six men and six women convicted him of one rape charge at the court.

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