Sale of unhygienic food remains unchecked in Dadyal

The City District Government, Dadyal City, has failed to stop sale of unhygienic food in hotels and restaurants and substandard meat at meat-shops.

Butchers are playing with health of people by selling unhygienic meat and meat of old animals, and local government of Dadyal is not taking any kind of action against them. On other side

Butchers could not afford to consider the cleanliness of their shops, they have not covered the meat with Net or cloth on it. Flies, Mosquitoes are are seen commonly in these shops an sitting over meat. This may cause diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhoea and different kinds of infections.

It has also been observed that food items, including ‘samosas’, ‘pakoras’, Pizza tea and other common food items sold on bakeries an shops are not hygienic. They prepare them at smelly open places, whereas no sanitary arrangement or measures are adopted while preparing these items.

Local Authorities are not taking this matter seriously, Citizens demanded health minister and other concerned authorities to raid on these shops of Butchers in Dadyal Subdivision like they do in others cites and check their quality standard.

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